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Without the contributions of Cabiria’s incredible donors, we couldn’t have started. This page is to personally thank each and every supporter personally, both for every dollar you gave, but also for every word of encouragement, for every positive comment, for every act of self love and body acceptance that makes the world a better place for every woman.

To explore what incentives came at each donation level, click on the level that interests you for a link to our Incentives page. Thank you for supporting Cabiria and encouraging the growth of small businesses and passion projects!

$1+ Donors
Amy Comer
Judi De Luca
Mandy Fierens for The Curvy Blogger
A. & S. Hanisek
Britt Hanowell & Annalee DeBoer
Rivka Levin
Laura Lindsay
Lucky Nola
Mamahuhu Colombia
nettaP for xoxonettaP
Somer Sherwood
Stephen Wludarski

$10+ Donors
Heidi M. Bennett
E. Burnett
Yvette C.
The Curvy Fashionista
Dinner Was Delicious Blog
Brett Dyer
Shani Ferguson
John Frisbie
Carrie Hammer Custom Apparel
MaryJane Higgins
Lyla Hoffman
The Larson Family
Ashley Leckwold
Jennifer Palacio
Adrienne Reynolds Ward
R. Alan Siler
Danyelle Taylor
Heather Wallace

$20+ Donors
Leigh Ann
Borrowed By Design
Celestine Cookson
Colleen Davie Janes
Kelly Delgado
Cynthia Dobe
Jean-Anne Fitzpatrick
L.M. Freer
Elizabeth Goodman
Katelyn Hackett
Mae Mars
Sarah Millspaugh
Jennifer Nikel
Nicole Quinn
Cecily Quintana
Silk Road Treasures, LLC
Pam Slagg
Laurie Stinebaugh
Malky Weichbrod
Jeep Wheat
Whibey Sewing
Robin Wilson-Beattie

$40+ Donors
Sashe Annete
Catherine Bloch
Tim Byrne
Eli Bozeman
Barbara Curry
Emily+Ross Modern Scarves
Cassidy Mosher
Tony Osso
Katrina Peeples
Jodi Rothman

$50+ Donors
Pamela Bartual
Captain Fez
Casa Hamaca Guesthouse
Christy Gill
Wendy Johnson
Aaron Keppel for id design
Catherine Klatzker
Melissa Mack
Michelle Micheo
J. Oshiro
Ingrid Price
Kelly-Noelle Rabin
Karen Roman
Malin Runsten
Fenella Saunders
Bill & Jan Sides
Kimberly Smith
Meredith Stegall
The Voluptuous Vixen
Hillel Wasserman, Spotter of Genius

$100+ Donors
John Bowker/Megan Goodwin
Thomas Cobb
C. I. Fuller
S. Lynn Garrison
Sara James
Steve Klatzker
Jennifer Knight
Christopher Lund
Madison Plus
Jen and Scott Martin
Chuck Upchurch

$150+ Donors
Linda Fisher
Nori Heikkinen
Kali Lynn
Cynthia Schames
Kaye Voyce
Jeannie C. Whited

$250+ Donors
Sandra Foa
Chris Fuller
Bergen Swanson

$350+ Donors
Aviva, Max and Sofia

$500+ Donors
Cheryl and Bruce Evry
Stacy Johnston
Erin Riddle Petrella

$750+ Donors
Nicole M. Gothgen
Muriel Siadak

$1,000+ Donors
Martha C. Schulze

$2,500+ Donors
Alexander and Adrianne Dering

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